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Ten Commandments again

Posted by Israel izzy Cohen on July 29, 2005

In Reply to: Ten Commandments again posted by Shae on June 30, 2005

: I checked my 'Oxford Study Bible' and found:
: 'Decalogue: See "Ten Commandments."'
: 'Ten Commandments: Exod. 20.1 - 17; 34.28; Lev. 19.1-4; Deut. 5.6 - 21, 10.4'
: Exodus 20.1 - 17 relates how the Ten Commandments were written in stone by the God who confered with Moses.
: Leviticus and Deuteronony retell, with embellishments, the story of The Ten Commandments as told in Exodus.

I *agree* with Shae, but would mention that the usual Hebrew term for "the ten commandments" is
(using X for het) LuXoT haBRiT = the tables/tablets of the covenant/testimony.
For short, that's lamed-het Loo'aX = table.

There is a Hebrew-Germanic (schwa-less) het-W parallel. There is a Hebrew-Latin het-X parallel.
Therefore, lamed-het = Germanic LaW & Latin LeX.

There are other Hebrew words containing a het that arrive in English with a Germanic W and a Latin X. For example, yod-resh-het YaRa:aX = moon, the growing-est thing in the sky. The English cognates are:
via Germanic: GRoW
via Latin CReX => cresc: increase, decrease, crescendo, crescent, and croissant (a moon-shaped pastry).

Israel "izzy" Cohen

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