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Metaphors or not

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on August 18, 2005

In Reply to: Metaphors or not posted by Ken Starling on August 18, 2005

: Hello everyone, for my homework I have a task in which I have to identify if these are metaphors or not. Could you please tell me which ones are metaphors, and which ones are not.

: 1. It's raining cats and dogs.
: 2. He's got a heart of stone.
: 3. I'm under the weather.
: 4. Keep a weather eye.
: 5. Pick up your ears.

You have miscopied no 5 - I'm pretty sure your teacher gave you the phrase "prick up your ears", not "pick up". And if you read the notes you made when your teacher explained to you what a metaphor was, or even look up the word in a dictionary, you'll easily be able to figure out which of these phrases are metaphors.

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