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A stitch in time.....

Posted by Bob on July 14, 2005

In Reply to: A stitch in time..... posted by Jon on July 14, 2005

: A stitch in time.....

: something leads me to beleive this is a very old sailing term when burying someone at sea.
: 9 pounds of shot were used to weigh the body sack, then, when the sack was stitched closed the last stitch was passed through a body park (lips I think)
: Should the so called body 'awake' 9 pounds of shot was saved.

: Any better thoughts ?

: Jon

Wow. That is so complex, creative, and preposterous. Amazing.
It's this simple: if you have a small tear in your clothing, it will get worse and worse if neglected, meaning more work later. But if you do a simple repair in a timely fashion, you will save the much greater effort you'd need down the road. A (single) STITCH (very easy to do) when done IN TIME, SAVES you the effort of having to use NINE stitches (very tedious to do) if you procrastinate.

Admittedly this is straightforward and commonsensical, lacking the color and dash of dead bodies and gruesome disfigurement, but hey.

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