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Simply beggars belief

Posted by Bob on June 30, 2005

In Reply to: Simply beggars belief posted by Manjit on June 30, 2005

: Hi All,

: Could anyone pls let me know the meaninig of the phrase "simply beggars belief".

: Thanks,
: Manjit

"Beggars" in this case is a transitive verb here, not the more familiar plural noun. From
1. One who solicits alms for a living.
2. An impoverished person; a pauper.
3. Informal. A man or a boy.

tr.v. beg·gared, beg·gar·ing, beg·gars
1. To make a beggar of; impoverish.
2. To exceed the limits, resources, or capabilities of: beauty that beggars description.

It's that second definition of the verb that you want.

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