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What is the meaning of the following phrases:

Posted by Nimi Amachree on June 16, 2005

What is the meaning of the following phrases:

To leave someone in the lurch
To have a dutch courage
To bite off more than one can chew
To show the white feather
To add a feather to one,s cap
To make a Hobson,s choice
To work against the clock
To stick to one,s gun
To heap coals of fire on one,s head
To make someone,s blood run cold
To eat one out of the house and home
To square accounts with
To have an axe to grind
To augur well for
To face the music
To play to the gallery
To give the game away
To move with the crowd
To live from hand to mouth
To go on a wild goose chase
To deal fair and square
To fall back on
To carry something too far
To bow out of a venture
To come to grief
To be on one,s guard
To be under the heel of
To bring to the book
To lead a dog,s life
To come of age

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