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Posted by Kim Lomax on June 20, 2005


Sorry, I don't have a question to ask, but thought users of this site might be interested in our Wordhunt appeal.

We are making a major series for BBC 2 about the English language. Visitors to this site might be interested in our campaign, and may be able to help us with the origins of some of our phrases.

The BBC Wordhunt appeal was launched on Friday and can be found at This appeal is at the heart of a major new series for BBC 2, in conjunction with the Oxford English Dictionary. We are appealing to members of the public to help us rewrite the dictionary by identifying the origin and first usage of 50 words and phrases. These range from mullet to minger, and from boffin to bomber jacket. For a full list visit

So far we have received an excellent response and have antedated some terms already, but the debate is still raging over Othe Full Monty, and OCodswallop,. Can you help?

If you would like any further information please don,t hesitate to contact me,

Many thanks


Kim Lomax

Takeaway Media
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