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Give it a timely push

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 27, 2005

In Reply to: Give it a timely push posted by Bob on July 27, 2005

: : What is the meaning of " give sth a push " in following sentences ?
: : The regime of the mullahs in Iran is ready to fall, says Assad Homayoun. Let's give it a timely push .

: Any Firesign Theater fans out there? Remember "If you push something hard enough, it will fall over."

: It's used as in pushing someone off the plank of a pirate ship, off the edge of a cliff, off a ladder, you name it. Give someone a shove and let gravity do the rest. This writer is under the delusion that the mullahs of Iran are in a precarious position, and that some action or event will cause the theocracy to collapse.

How bout from "Waiting for the Electrician or Someone like him" ( I think ):
"Okay, everybody, into the full lotus position."
Thanks for the memory jog.

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