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BlackBerry prayer

Posted by ESC on July 29, 2005

The Governor's Office in Kentucky is embroiled in a scandal that has been dubbed "BlackBerry Jam" since the alleged wrongdoers left an e-mail trail that is being used as evidence. ("BlackBerry jam spreading" ) BlackBerry being a wireless device that allows the user to access e-mail, etc. They are all the rage and a real status symbol in state government. Although some of those recently indicted probably wish they'd never been invented.

A local newpaper carried an article that included these BlackBerry phrases:

Crackberry addicts - heavy users of BlackBerries.

BlackBerry prayer - common posture of a user with a bowed head trying to discreetly sneak a look at e-mail during a meeting.

Title: Are BlackBerry users plugged in to addiction?
Date: 07/28/2005
Source: Lexington Herald-Leader
Writer: Gail Appleson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Accessed July 29, 2005.