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Florida law

Posted by Lewis on June 20, 2005

In Reply to: Florida law posted by R. Berg on June 20, 2005

: : Anyone know how Florida law interpretes the phrase "construed under and in accordance with?" I'm particularly interested if the lack of the use of the word "govern" has any significant affect. Case law backing up your answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

: A forum devoted to law would more likely get you a useful answer than this forum would. We do indeed discuss phrases here, but from a different angle.

: If you're considering signing a contract, for example, it's best to have a lawyer review it, and not just any lawyer but one experienced in the subject area, such as real estate or publishing.

You aren't going to get many experts on Florida State Law here.
Usually such a phrase as used requires that the interpretation is in accordance with the law referred to. "Governed" can have wider implications that a referral for interpretation.

that's all I'll venture.


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