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'play with twister with one leg in a cast'

Posted by Steve E on August 12, 2005

In Reply to: 'play with twister with one leg in a cast' posted by Victoria S Dennis on August 12, 2005

: : hi, can you tell me what would 'play with twister with one leg in a cast' mean ? Its something to do with things going haywire but I am not sure I understand the correct meaning. Thanks in advance, Neel

: It's "play Twister", not "play with Twister". Twister is a children's game which uses a big cloth laid out on the ground with different-coloured circles on it. The players stand on the cloth and the game leader tells everyone to touch a specific colour with a specific hand or foot, e.g. "Left hand on yellow". When everybody has done that, the leader tells them to touch another colour, e.g. "Right foot on blue", and they all have to put that foot on a blue circle without breaking contact with the yellow circle. And so it goes on, with the players reaching and writhing and twisting to reach the circles; anyone who falls over, lets go of a circle before being told to, or fails to reach the next designated colour, is out of the game, till only the winner is left. Obviously it is impossible to succeed at this game with one leg in a plaster cast!

Victoria, your explanations are superb!

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