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The last words of John Belushi

John Belushi (1949 - 1982) was an American comedian and actor.

Her final words were:

Just don't leave me alone.

Source: Reported by Catherine Smith, who was present when he died.

Background to John Belushi's last words

John Adam Belushi was born into an Albanian immigrant family in Chicago. He formed a rock group in his teenage years and the rock-and-roll attitude guided his short life.

He is best-known as a presenter of the US late night comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live and for the group (and film) The Blues Brothers, both in tandem with his long-time collaborator Dan Aykroyd.

Belushi's anarchic style was well suited to the tv show and he was often called the 'live' in Saturday Night Live.

He was a frequent drug user and his friend Catherine Smith admitted to giving him the fatal shot of speedball (a combination of cocaine and heroin) and she served 15 months in prison after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

His last words were "Just don't leave me alone".

Source: The Montreal Gazette, April 1990.