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Sayings that start with the letter P

Sayings that start with the letter P

Ps and Qs - Mind your

Packed to the gunwales

Paddle your own canoe

Paint the town red

Panic stations

Paper tiger

Pardon my French

Parting shot / Parthian shot

Pass muster

Pass over to the other side

Pass the buck

Paying guest - A

P.D.Q. - pretty damn quick

Pearls before swine

Pears for your heirs

Pecking order

Peeping Tom

Peg out


(The) pen is mightier than the sword

Pennies from heaven

Penny dreadful


(The) penny drops

Penny pinching

Penny for the guy - A

Penny for your thoughts - A

Penny saved is a penny earned - A

Penny wise and pound foolish

Pester power

Peter out

Petty cash

Phrases and sayings quiz

Phrases that people get wrong

Physician heal thyself

Pick 'n' mix

Picture is worth a thousand words - A


Pie - as easy as

Pie in the sky

Piece of cake - A

Piece of p***

Piece of the action

Pig and whistle

Pig in a poke


Pig's back - on the

Pig's ear

(In a) pig's eye



Pigs might fly

Pin money

(Take with a) pinch of salt

Pip - Get the/got the /have the

Pipe down

Pipe dream - A

Piping hot

P*** and vinegar - Full of

Pitch black

Pitch dark

Pits - The

Place for everything and everything in its place - A

Plague on both your houses - A

Plain sailing

Plates of meat

Play by ear

Play Devil's advocate

Play ducks and drakes

Play fast and loose

Play gooseberry

Play it again Sam

Play second fiddle

Play silly buggers

Play the giddy goat

Play the race card

Pleased as Punch


Plugged nickel

Poetic justice


Point-blank range

Point Percy at the porcelain

Point to point

Politically correct

Pommy bashing

Pomp and circumstance

Pond life

Pony and trap

Pony up

Pop goes the weasel

Pop your clogs

Popular fallacies - The Nonsense Nine

Pork pies

POSH - Port out, starboard home

Pot calling the kettle black - The

Take potluck

Pound of flesh

Pour oil on troubled waters

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

Power dressing

Powers that be - The

Praying at the porcelain altar

Preaching to the choir

Prepositional phrases


'Preposterous' phrases

Press into service

Presto chango

Pretty kettle of fish

Pretty penny - A

Prick up your ears

Pride comes before a fall

Prime time

Primrose path

Problem shared is a problem halved - A

Procrastination is the thief of time

Proof of the pudding is in the eating - The

Proverbs - A list of

Pull in your horns

Pull out all the stops

Pull the other one, it's got bells on

Pull the wool over your eyes

Pull up stakes

Pull your finger out

Pull your horns in

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps

Pulling one's leg

Punch above one's weight

Pure as the driven snow

Purple patch

Push the boat out

Push the envelope

Put a damper on

Put a sock in it

Put a spanner in the works

Put on the wooden overcoat

Put on your thinking cap

Put paid to

Put the cart before the horse

Put the mockers on

Put the wood in the hole

Put up your dukes

Put your back up

Put your best foot forward

Put your nose out of joint

Put your oar in

Put your shoulder to the wheel

Pyrric victory

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