What gives me power

Posted by Alivingbeing on April 22, 2003

what gives me power

I want to live in a world, where
each being loves all fellow beings

therefore I try to open my heart
every moment, facing a man, a woman,
a child, a bird, a bug, a frog,
a flower, a tree, an apple, the
water, the air, the fire, the earth

by doing so,
opening my heart widely while
seeing, hearing, thinking to a living being,
i allow the love to flow trough


I open my heart
I allow the love to flow trough
i am one with all


I want to live in a world, where
there is no hunger, noone needs to
kill an animal or a plant
all beings are nurtured by light,
love and harmony

therefore I want to enjoy for the
maximum when I eat
I watch the beauty of the apple,
the mosaic of the organic grown rice grains,
the structure of a piece of dark brown bred
I put a small piece of it in my mouth
and start chewing slowly, perhaps thirty,
perhaps forty times
I do gymnastic with the tongue and the
food for which I am so thankfull to be given
this food in my mouth slowly gets liquid and
warm, it feels so satisfying to play around
with this liquid
moving around the allready enough chewed
food gives my body the possibility to take
all the taste out of the nutrition
and then, finally, after having enjoyed
all the taste, I swallow, better said,
I drink
the tea or apple juice I also let get fully
tasted with all parts of my mouth, doing like
a vine tester, before it goes down into my stomack
eatingdrinking like this, my body will be able
to integrate the food in harmony,
my blood will be pure, my bones strong, my flesh
full of power


I celebrate all eating like a holy meal
I have so much fun in chewing many times
and I swallow when I tasted all what was
in the food to be tasted
I serve all creation with pure blood, strong
bones and powerfull flesh as
the pillars of my temple


I want to live in a world, where there is plenty
of beauty overall

therefore I try to guide my attention towards the
beauty in every place, every situation, every being
my eyes see a form, color or movement
in a face, a body, in a tree, in a leg of a cat
my ears hear melodies in the street instead of noise


I give attention to all the beauty which is
everywhere, everytime, everyhow


I wrote this as a somehow continuable collection of what
I experienced is really good for me
perhaps I will use some parts of it as
"instant emergency medicine" in times of doubt,
in negative situations
or just for having to read something nice
perhaps some people also feel inspired to share their
own medicine words or simply enjoy my combination

thanks to all what is