Other Fish in the Sea

Posted by Masakim on May 13, 2003

In Reply to: Other Fish in the Sea posted by Bev on May 13, 2003

: Does anyone know where the following phrase comes from?

: "There are other fish in the sea."

: Thanks,
: Bev

There are other fish in the sea. There are even better ones out there. Don't be upset over what you've lost. This proverb is often used as a consolation for losing a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and has been traced back to about 1573. First attested in the United States in _Keziah_ by J. C. Lincoln, the proverb is found in varying forms: "There are plenty more fish in the sea"; "There are more fish in the sea than ever came out of it"; "The sea is full of other fish"; "There's more than one fish," etc.
From _Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs & Sayings_ by Gregory Titelman
In the mayne sea theres good stoare of fishe, And in delicate gardens ... Theres alwayes greate varietye of desirable flowers. (c1573; G. Harvey, _Letter-Book_, 1884)
There never was a fish taken out of the sea, but left anothe as good behind. (T.L. Peacock, _Headlong Hall_, 1816)
Ye need not sigh sae deeply.... There are as gude fish in the sea as ever came out of it. (Scot, _Nigel_, 1822)
There's fish in the sea, no doubt of it, As good as ever came out of it. (Gilbert, _Patience_, 1881)