Some Phrases plz

Posted by Kathaab afandi on May 03, 2003

I need the meaning for the following phrases..Thank you.

1)carved out special time for themseves.
2)many of them wound up divorcing
3)went off to college
4)creep in and take over
5)struck me again how smart she is
6)let something get lost in the rush of life
7)set off chemical reaction
8)the fall-off in new drugs discoveries
9)the roof fell in
10)to draw out infection
11)hip carved away
12)hustled him off
13)stand up guy
14)slipping out of your pocket
15)signing into the emergency room
16)stepped up behind her
17)dashed off for an appointment
18)wink at moral values
19)get bogged down in efferts to do things
20)honey trap
21)bowled over by someone
22)start on somebody
23)scoop out
24)gets his own way
25)loose your cool
26)grows out of it
27)rule the roost
28)crack under pressure
29)chalk it up to experience
30)unpeasant fall out
31)what you have been up to
32)the scale has fallen from one's eyes
33)test the water
34)throws fits
35)flanking out
36)took pity on someone
37)emotional refuge in bed
38)flaunt the fact that they were an item
39)handed down it verdict
40)cooling off at a picnic
41)the car was violently rear ended
42)talk his way out of troubles
43)a trek into the unknown
44)at our peril
45)was on the run
46)helicopter swooped down over them
47)shop up
48)get wind of his ...
49)followed up
50)out scouting for her next victim