Front and center

Posted by TheFallen on April 08, 2003

In Reply to: Front and center posted by MM on April 08, 2003

: Need help again.

: When we integrate money into our daily lives,
: whether the decisions we make about money are right or wrong come roaring front and center.

: what does "roaring front and center" mean here?

: Thanks!

Two different idioms. "Roaring" is in the sense of rushing noisily and potentially threateningly, like a storm that roars over the sea. "Front and centre" means to the forefront, to centre stage. It's an idiom from the military world, where anyone ordered from the ranks to come "front and centre" is required to step forward out of the ranks, usually to face the NCO.

Excuse the "centre" i/o "center", but I'm a Brit and so am allowed to modify these things :)