Devil docs

Posted by ESC on April 09, 2003

DEVIL DOCS - ".Devil Docs, the military's nickname for a group of physicians who set up a groundbreaking approach to battlefield medical care called the Forward Resuscitative Surgical Suite. The idea is to provide real surgery at the front lines during the so-called golden hour, when proper treatment gives wounded soldiers the best chance of recovery." "At the Front with the Devil Docs Risk-taking medics on the frontline," By Sanjay Gupta, M.D., Camp viper, march 30, 2003.

"Gupta is traveling with a group of Navy doctors known as the Devil Docs (a variation on the Devil Dog nickname for the Marines). Thursday was a hard day." From "CNN medical correspondent performs surgery on child in Iraq" by Julie Hinds, Detroit Free Press.

".Albert Naar, who has lived in East Brunswick since 1977, spent a year, May 1968 through May 1969, treating wounded soldiers in Vietnam as a 'Devil Doc.' He was 21 years old.'Marines are called 'Devil Dogs,' so we were referred to as 'Devil Docs,'' Naar said. The Marines are part of the naval service and use the Navy's medical facilities, Naar said." From "Vietnam vet 'Devil Doc' tells his wartime story" by Maura Dowgin, April 2, 2003. news/2003/0402/Front_Page/018.html The Independent, Greater Media Newspapers, N.J.