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Herd of turtles

Posted by Michael Scullin on May 05, 2003

In Reply to: Herd of turtles posted by Tomas on May 03, 2003

: : : : My mother use to use this expression. By the way, she grew up in Indiana.

: : : How did she use the expression? As in, "This is like driving a herd of turtles"?

: : I have a friend who says "Thundering along like a herd of turtles" when we are delayed or slow getting somewhere. I find it highly amusing and descriptive. My friend is an Oregonian with an Alabama-born mother, so who knows where she learned it.
: : Bella.
: :"Quicker 'n a herd a turtles" here in Indiana.
: Tomas

I've often heard my dad (1919-2002) say, "We're off like a herd of turtles!" to indicate a slow start to any process. In 1950's high school, a phrase used to describe a quick or sudden start was, "We're off like a dirty shirt."