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Posted by Marian on April 17, 2003

Hi, I am a student of Translation and Interpretation from Spain and I have to translate an english book. I have some difficulties with some idioms, so if anyone could help me... These are some of the sentences I can not understand very well:
- they were found of FANCY-DAN restaurants
- So as I drove home I was hungry, and I knew there would be SHAG-ALL in the house
- I decided in a mad spurgle of GO-ON-YOU-DIVIL JUSTIFICATION to buy myself one.
- His expresion was so malevolent that the OLD SPACE music began playing spontaneously in my head.
- HOT ON THE HEELS of that miscarriage of justice...

So, if you know the meaning of some or all of these expression, I would thank you very very much your help,
greetings from Spain!