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Sizzle meaning?

Posted by Sauerkraut on April 06, 2003

In Reply to: Sizzle meaning? posted by James Briggs on April 05, 2003

: : : Please, could you tell me what's the meaning of this movie title? Action takes place in Paris
: : : "Paris WHEN IT SIZZLES"

: : "Paris - When It Sizzles" (1964, starring William Holden & Audrey Hepburn).

: : Its a remarkably stupid movie title, really. To sizzle is an onomatopoeic word meaning literally to be frying - sausages sizzle as you cook them. Figuratively, you could talk about a plot sizzling when it's full of excitement or tension, or a relationship sizzling when it's full of passion, or someone sizzling with anger. I suppose that is what whoever came up with the movie title wanted to convey.

: I always thought it referred to the summer temperatures that can be quite high in Paris. However, I can't recall the season of the year in which the film was set.

Given that the entire phrase from the song is "Summer when it sizzles" and is later contrasted to "Winter when it drizzles", the weather is definately what we're talking about here. The title of the song is "I Love Paris".
The actual season is immaterial to the reference, since the singer "loves Paris every season of the year because my love is near (sometimes rendered as here). The song is a favorite of many cabaret singers.