Help a desperate Brazilian young woman

Posted by Elaine Pepe on May 08, 2003

His, folks,

My name is Elaine. I am a translator. I have been translating into Portuguese a book called The Jericho Principle. Of course, there are a lot of phrases and expressions that I could not find in any dictionary. Could please help with this one?
The sentence is the following:
The Jericho Principle focuses on creating awareness thru a "postcards-from-the-edge" perspective while sugesting pragmatic lessons and operational implications.
What does postcards-from-the-edge perspective mean? I know that this is the title of a movie. By the way, I haven´t watch this movie! So, I AM LOST IN SPACE! Don´t have a clue on what this expression means.
Tks a lot for your valuable help.