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If I didn't know any better

Posted by R. Berg on May 04, 2003

In Reply to: If I didn't know any better posted by ESC on May 04, 2003

: :
: : Need help again!

: : If I didn't know any better, I would think
: : that someone wanted to get rid of me.
: : What does "If I didn't know any better" mean here?

: : Thanks!

: I know he or she is not trying to get rid of me. But if I didn't have that knowledge, the person's actions would lead me to believe he or she WAS trying to get rid of me.

: The phrase is often used sarcastically.

: (That is kind of confusing. Anyone else want to have a go at explaining the sentence?)

To "know better" is to reject a belief or a thought that is tempting for some reason but is false. "The advertisement says that if you take this herbal medicine, you can eat all day and lose weight, but I know better." My knowledge is better (more accurate) than the information in the advertisement.