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Old ladies with cats become joggers with a pocket full of Viagra(tm)

Posted by Lewis on May 09, 2003

In Reply to: Brave boys, shy girls, men fixing roofs, women baking cookies, God, witches, owls, heathens, birthday cake, and religious fanatics posted by Word Camel on May 03, 2003

: All of these have been banned from American text books

Article in the newspapers during the last week - I was quite disgusted. Elderly people in particular DO have cats, and as women live longer than men it is statistically likely that an old lady may well have a cat - I have known lots of people that fit that stereotype. I know rather fewer who go jogging - taking into account waiting lists for hip replacement operations...

These "unacceptable" Stereotypes may actually be representative of large numbers of real people. I imagine that these fiction-fascists would hate Karl Jung for his Archetypes.

OK - so have positive images of people and accept that some people defy convention, but let's not pretend that some stereotypes are not frequently encountered.

They'll be saying that divorced single-parents have an easy time combining work and home next...