The Origin of Names

Posted by Lotg on May 17, 2003

Can anyone tell me where I can find a site that provides the origin and meaning of British names? I'm often fascinated when I hear some. eg. a friend told me her maiden name (I suspect 'maiden name' is now politically incorrect - shame to obliterate history though), was 'Goodsell'. Now it seems reasonable to assume that some ancestor of hers was probably either a good, or an honest salesman (some might say the latter is an oxymoron - he he).

Anyway, my own surname, Garth, I'm told has Archaic English origins meaning Wheelmaker - not very exciting I'm afraid, but I'd like to find out nonetheless. I'd also like to know what Archaic English means, eg. where the line is drawn between Archaic and post-Archaic? With so many lands invading England in the very very very early days, there has been much blending, and evolution of names.