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: : My Mom said that the "Eye of the Hurricane" can mean more than just the actual center of a storm. What else can it mean? Thank you,
: : Saxon

: As a metaphor derived from its literal use, it means an area of peace surrounded by conflict.

the eye of the storm etc [huricane; whirlwind] the central and strongest point of a storm (often indicated by a small break in the clouds); (fig) the main central point of a dangerous situation, crisis etc .... "But his (Harold Macmillan's) warning that the 'wind of chang' should not become a 'howling tempest' was a little late; the storm has already broken across Central Africa. Mr Macleod is sailing into the eye of the storm. OBS [_The Observer_ 1960-78]
From _Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English_, Volume 2
BTW, in Japanese "taifuu no me" (the eye of a typhoon) stands for "a leading figure; an influential person," as in "Gakuen soudou dewa, karera ga taifuu no me ni natte imasu" (They're the laeding figures in the campus revolt) and "Kare wa kon-taikai no taifuu no me datta" (At the convention he was the one everyone kept an eye on).