Origin of a weather proverb

Posted by Bruce Kahl on March 31, 2003

In Reply to: Origin of a weather proverb posted by Lucky on March 31, 2003

: Can anyone give me the origins of this weather proverb?
: "When the ditch and pond affect the nose,
: Look out for rain and stormy blows."

"When the ditch and pond affect the nose, Then look out for rain and storm blows"
"Sound traveling far and wide, A stormy day will betide."
Rain develops as the density of the air drops. This density change causes sound waves to travel differently, usually farther than normal.
This allows for a better mixing of the air which carries the fragrance of the flowers, or the putrid smell of the marsh or ditch to the nose.
High air pressure, associated with fair weather, tends to hold earthly scents to their source. When low pressure arrives, the odors are released and can be sniffed.