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Band name

Posted by Kate on May 03, 2001

In Reply to: Band name posted by R. Berg on May 03, 2001

: : well... my band name needs a name.

: : we are 4 people
: : guitarist a bassist a drummer, and a vocalist
: : we are a cross between 311 and incubus and we have a little punk inside us.

: : we need a band name, please respond and help out
: : thank you all

: I'm in the wrong generation to know anything about 311 or incubus. However, the idea of a cross between 311 and anything suggests instantly that 911 might be appropriate. (For those outside the U.S.: 911, pronounced "nine one one," is the phone number for emergencies.) (Justin, if YOU are outside the U.S., then just ignore my suggestion.)

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