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Postcards From The Edge

Posted by R. Berg on March 13, 2001

In Reply to: Postcards From The Edge posted by ESC on March 13, 2001

: : There are several movies with titles that aren't readily obvious, like "Catch22", "The Green Mile", ect, but I just saw "Postcards From The Edge" and can't figure out exactly what the title means or refers to. I looked it up on the web and found hundreds of references, some having nothing to do with postcards. Is this a known phrase that has some specific hidden meaning?

: The main character (and I believe the author Carrie Fisher also) had drug problems and was in a treatment center for a while. Almost succumbing to drug addiction would be the "edge" I would guess. And Ms. Fisher's writing would be the "postcards."

Apparently what the character was on the edge of was sanity. Addiction is one way of falling over the edge. In a different context, somebody might say "These family problems are driving me over the edge," with approximately the same meaning.