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Always look on the bright side of life

Posted by Anna on May 31, 2001

In Reply to: Always look on the bright side of life posted by Bob on February 20, 2001

: : : where is this from?

: : It's from a song of "the life of brian" (Monthy Python, british comedian ensemble), sung at the very end, when brian, mistakes for the messiah, is being crucified.

: : it means as much as: take it easy

: : I think the expression could be derivated from: always look back at the bright side of your life, thus meaning: in times of trouble, don't remember the mishappenings and bad events you've had in your life, but remember the funny, nice and happy times you have had. remember this good things. stay happy.

: : AND

: : dont be a pessimist, if you are in trouble, try to find something good in all the chaos. There is always a light.

: : Cheerio from Germany
: : Sebastian Schneider

: Life of Brian, a dark and hilarious film (second only to Monty Python's Meaning of Life in its black humor regarding issues of life and death) is given a sparkling ironic turn at the end when Brian (on the cross) is urged to sing along with Eric Idle (also being crucified) in an insanely optimistic ditty that borrows from a long tradition of showbiz cheeriness (The Carter Family's "Look to the Sunny Side" being one sample, "Smilin' Through" and a zillion operettas being others.) Brian, now thoroughly bewildered by his fate, sings along, as do the whole hillside of other crucified victims. It's a great moment in a movie with many others. The lyrics are lunacy.