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"Losing My Religion"

Posted by Greg Harrington on May 30, 2001

In Reply to: "Losing My Religion" posted by JTall on May 25, 2001

: Yess..despite the popular belief that the now famous Stipe/REM song title means just what it plainly says,
: it doesn't. It's like a corn kernel stuck in my teeth...I once knew the slang meaning and have now disremembered it.

: I THINK it was about fear...about being overcome by fear...which, actually, would not be far away from the more obvious interpretation.

: But it was a specific a hit man now unable to pull down on a cop who can't make a collar...???

: Say, can anyone pry that kernel from my eyeteeth? Jam

I have nothing to back this up, but I was once told it means "losing your temper." Perhaps "religion" refers to the force (mental or metaphysical) that balances our anger. To loose your religion would mean you have temporarily let go of, or set aside, your beliefs, morals, ethics, or whatever it is that helps you keep yourself calm. I'm an engineer, not a etymologist, but does that sound plausible?