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Footie balls

Posted by Bob on March 11, 2001

In Reply to: Footie balls posted by Gary Martin on March 10, 2001

: Bob mentioned at the end of the last list that he'd heard gaffer as a football term for hooligan. I follow football in the England but haven't heard that one.

: Almost as enjoyable as the games is the inventive use of language in and around football. I've just been watching the preview program on the BBC and a player expressed the view that "it might be deja vu all over again" when his team plays today.

: Uk newspapers give it all they've got when it comes to reporting games too. An all-time classic is the report of the unfancied Caledonian Thistle's unexpected win against an out of form Celtic: "Super Cally go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious"

: Unfortunately Forfar and East Fife are in different leagues now, but I always used to watch out for a repeat of the inspired scoreline "East Fife 4, Forfar 5"

: Gary

I mis-reported his words, my son corrects me. "Gaffer" is a manager; a "geezer" is what used to be called a hooligan. He enjoyed your two headlines a lot. Thanks.