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"backseat driver"??

Posted by R. Berg on May 29, 2001

In Reply to: Updated phrases for "backseat driver"?? posted by Patty on May 29, 2001

: Has anyone got any clever terms or phrases for someone who doesn't mind their own business (the "backseat driver" syndrome)? I have a Jewish friend who uses the term "butt-in-skee" ("Buttinsky"), but I think it's pretty ethnic sounding. Thanks. -Patty

So you want we should all stop with the ethnic phrases, yet?

"Buttinsky" is actually fairly common. I've seen a Briticism in print, "Nosey Parker" (sp.?). But that one has the similar drawback of being associated with a particular ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon whiteness. Any phrase you can name will have come from some language or other and will therefore belong to some ethnic group. Well, ethnic, shmethnic, as long as we're communicating!