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Built like a brick 'house...

Posted by ESC on April 08, 2001

In Reply to: Looking for origin of a phrase posted by Jerry Russo on April 08, 2001

: I'm looking for the origin of the phrase "She is built like a brick ****house".I hope this is not offensive. I know what it means, but do not know the origin or beginnings. Thanks for any help.

I'll post again if I find anything in my references. From my own knowledge, I can tell you that outhouses (privies) are usually humble affairs made of wood. A brick outhouse would be a fine structure indeed. Though not very practical since outhouses had to be moved from time to time to a fresh spot.

So the phrase "built like a brick outhouse" carried over to refer to a woman who has a fine structure.

It's a rural U.S. expression since few city folk have outdoor toilets. There was a song by a black group (can't recall the name) -- about "...she's a brick 'house. She's mighty, mighty..." And that's about all I can tell you.