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Generic statement

Posted by K Yone on May 28, 2001


Thank you very much for your explanation last time.

I have another question.

1.A dog is a friendly animal.
2.Dogs are friendly animals.
3.The dog is a friendly animal.

I understand all of them are correct and people tend to use sentence type #2 a lot.

How about next group as generic statements?

1.A Chinese is a good cook.
2.Chinese are good cooks.
3.The Englishman is not a good cook.
4.The Chinese are good cooks.

Do all of these sentences sound correct? My American friend told me that a sentence #4 is good, but sentences #1 and #2 doesn't sound right. Is she right?

Thanks again. I appreciate your help. Have a nice holiday!

All the best,

K Yone