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Dutch Doll

Posted by Bruce Kahl on March 16, 2001

In Reply to: Dutch Doll posted by R. Berg on March 16, 2001

: : Does anyone know what the phrase "Dutch Doll" means? According to my father he heard it when he was a teen (seventies) and understood it to mean a "mixture of many races", but I have not been able to find this phrase anyhwere in the present day. Finding if the meaning is true is key to research my father is doing at the moment. Thanks for any insight at all.

: The only definition for it in the Oxford English Dictionary is "a jointed wooden doll." Not in my other references at all.

Just a guess from an observation.
Having visited Amsterdam many times in the summer months during my NYC school teacher days, there was/is a truly international area of Amsterdam called the "Red Light District". Women rent store fronts and sit in the windows advertising their sexual wares.
The area is a mini-UN, a mixture of many races and colors. Maybe this area is the answer to your phrase.