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Naturalness of English

Posted by T. Yone on April 21, 2001

Dear teachers,

Thank you very much for your help last time.

I asked three English natives whether the following English sentences sound natural or not. (I used 'sound' instead of 'sounded' here. Am I right? Or maybe both is right?) Sometimes they disagree with each other and I have no idea whose opinion I should follow. Could you help me to decide to make up my mind?

1. Sentences a) and b) are correct. Do you accept a sentence c)?
a) It was in this year that the war broke out.
b) It was this year that the war broke out.
c) It was (in) this year when the war broke out.

2. I think a sentence a) is good while b) is not. One native accepts a sentence b). Do you agree with her?
a) Planes took off one after another.
b) Planes took off one after the other.

3. I think a sentence a) is good. How about a sentence b)?
a) Pick out one of the following topics.
b) Pick out one from the following topics.

4. One native explained to me that I can use both 'move to' and 'move out to' when 'he' moves to another state like California. But I can only use 'move to' when 'he' moves to the place except state such as 'move to Los Angeles. The other told me I can use both 'move to' and 'move out to' Los Angeles. Which opinion should I follow?
a) He's decided to move to Los Angeles for good.
b) He's decided to move out to California for good.

Thank you for your help. I'm very grateful.

Best wishes,