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Piece of a s s (not serious) --> Anthropomorphic maps

Posted by Israel Cohen on May 13, 2001

In Reply to: Piece of ass posted by Randy Carothers on March 13, 2001

The current slang meaning of "piece" in "piece of
ass" may be related to the Semitic word peh-sof
PoS which means "female pudenda". I suspect the
Hebrew name for the Red Sea is a euphemistic
reversal of this PoS: (yam) SooF = Reed (Sea).

Latin Mare Rubio would also be a euphemism for
this (menstrually red) sea. I believe this area
represents a body-part of Aphrodite (who gave
part of her name to Africa). You can obtain a
complete listing of this anthropomorphic map
by return email. Let me know if you also want
a .tif or .jpg "map" of the area.

Israel Cohen
[email protected]