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Glory hole

Posted by ESC on April 13, 2001

In Reply to: Glory hole posted by R. Berg on April 13, 2001

: : From my experience, "glory hole" is a
: : reference to a (usually vandalized?) hole made
: : between partitions in an adult video outlet,
: : or perhaps booths in an adult peep-show venue,
: : through which participants might...interact...
: : I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

: : (sorry for the unfortunate mental pisture)

: :
: : : Hi,
: : : I'd like to know the history of the naming of a cupboard under the stairs a "glory hole". Where does it come from???
: : : Thanks,
: : : Kesta.

: The Oxford English Dictionary has some older meanings: slang: "A filthy, stifling cell to which prisoners are brought from the gaol on the day of trial, and which in the language of the degraded beings who usually occupy it, is called the 'glory hole'" . dialectal: "A receptacle (as a drawer, room, etc.) in which things are heaped together without any attempt at order or tidiness." Then there is a technical meaning in glassblowing. "The hall of worship used by the Salvation Army." Two nautical meanings, e.g., "one or more rooms between decks aft used as sleeping quarters for stewards." "A large cavernous opening into a mine." army slang: "A dug-out."

: For your "closet" sense, I'd bet on #2.

I had a friend call me from an auction and say the place was a "glory hole" of wonderful things to buy.