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"promised pie"

Posted by Dan on April 12, 2001

A student I work with recently failed to
follow through on an implied obligation that was not
necessarily a responsibility, but more along
the lines of a favor.

When informing me later she said, "thanks a million for (the help) and I owe you big time for not sending you promised pie. Please please bear with me, I have been (very busy, etc..) I assure you, solemn promise you will have it in hand before the end of the week. Scout's honor (I was never a scout but still :-)

I asked her on telephone if she could tell me more about the phrase - was it slang, a literary reference, anything to do with "getting a piece of the pie" or the duty being "easy as pie" - ?

she just thought it was something she "grew up with"

Any input out there on the phrase, "promised pie" ?