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Ward rage

Posted by ESC on May 07, 2001

Another variation on "road rage."

WARD RAGE -- The term "ward rage" was used in a May 7, 2001, newspaper article (Lexington Herald-Leader, Ky.). about hospital nurse "burn-out." More than half of the nurses interviewed said they had been subject to verbal abuse, "ward rage." The news story was quoting from an article in the journal "Health Affairs."

Earlier I posted this one:
DESK RAGE -- (From "...Employees of service-related companies seem to experience the highest incidence of workplace violence, with stress on the job as the main cause. (U.S.) Department of Justice information reveals that, on average, 2 million people are victims of workplace violence each year. About 1,000 of those are homicides, with assaults, assaults with a deadly weapon, robberies, and rapes, making up the rest. Another form of workplace violence, known as 'desk rage,' which includes screaming, throwing objects, and other serious acts of violence against coworkers, has increased. Providing appropriate training to employees is a demonstration that management takes threats and aberrant behavior seriously. Employees should be encouraged to report such incidents to management..."