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Weighty and trivial, important vs frivolous...

Posted by Patty on May 06, 2001

In the "penny wise" thread, R. Berg said...

"I think the problem with this thread is that Patty's original question is cleverly incomprehensible - I'm still not sure what it means:

"Does, '...someone who looks well after the mundane or superficial details of life...', mean that the person appears healthy in spite of the mundane and superficial details of life or does it mean that they look after these details carefully? What is the significance of the 'LOL' attached loosely to the end?"

Maybe I should take more responsibility here. I added the LOL ('laugh out loud') because my friend thought giving up the nourishing meals for the desserts in life, so to speak, was characteristic of people today. What can you do but laugh (otherwise you'd just cry)?

I guess the pairs of opposites here could be weighty versus trivial, important versus frivolous, common sense versus devil-may-care, and such. I had farming grandparents, and people in those days seem to have generally had a sense of proportion in their perspective on life. (Not to say they were saints or sages...) - Patty