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Practice of English

Posted by ESC on April 02, 2001

In Reply to: Practice of English posted by The Advisor on April 02, 2001

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: : : : : : : ESC is right. Besides, being pretty has nothing to do with practicing English. Saying that you are pretty will attract the wrong kind of attention. It is safer to practice English in a group (including other women) than on a date with a stranger. Why go to the forest to learn English when you can do that in a park?

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: : : : : : There are a diffrence in the mentalitet of nation- russian and other. We are open and frank people and we don't afraid strangers. Why I must afraid people ? They can afraid to me, because I am not only pretty but also I am very strong ^)). It is joke. I didn't do the accent on my appearence - it is not the main point in myself. And it seems strange to me that you pay much attention on it. I don't care about appearence of people . The most interesting for me paying attention on the soul and mind . Do you understand me well ?

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: : : : : Things may be different in Russia, but it is wise, she who pays heed to good advise. There is no single 'best' way to meet someone who is willing to share our language and culture. Ask a hundred people, and they'll give you a hundred suggestions. But hey, here we are talking - and I too came here for imformation.

: : : : I was talking about taking precautions regarding meeting Internet strangers face-to-face. In the flesh.

: : : Julia, we aren't trying to prevent you from meeting nice people or from studying English. We are only trying to keep you from spending time alone with a serial killer. Of course, someone you meet through the Internet is probably not a serial killer. But the possibility exists. It needs to be taken seriously.

: : : If a stranger has a gun or a knife, it doesn't matter how strong you are.

: : : Where I live, there are many people from different countries. Newspapers here have advertisements from people who want to meet someone to practice Korean or Spanish or some other language, so, yes, I know that making such requests is something that people ordinarily do. But those ads don't say anything about beauty. I talked about saying "pretty" in your posting because I wanted to warn you that some men reading what you posted might think you were offering to exchange your body (at least, looking at it) for English lessons. Maybe these are more differences between Russian and American culture. Americans are more concerned about crime; and the women's movement of the late 20th century brought the idea that being pretty shouldn't be considered when it isn't relevant.

: : Here's an American expression for you to learn.."Julia is Whacked"!
: : (dev. Origin: 125th street, Harlem) Learn that word because when you're looking through mugs shots for your attacker you need to explain again to the laughing police why this happened.
: : All kidding aside. It doesn't matter what country you're from--on this planet, use common sense.

: When meeting strangers it is worth considering wearing a bulletproof and stabproof vest plus helmet and chain mail glove and to always carry a NRA approved rifle and hand gun. This is a minimum requirement for parks and open spaces: other protection is required on school premises where danger is greatest.

You forgot pepper spray.