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Posted by Lewis on August 18, 2003

In Reply to: 'home' is a noun posted by GPP on August 18, 2003

: : : : : HI folks,
: : : : : Again here comes several points which make me confused. Hope them don't disturb you much!

: : : : : 1.(what is the difference between "subject of" and "subject to" here?)

: : : : : The couple adopted the small boy and regarded him from the very beginning both their child and his own person. They paid studious attetion to this new subject of their affection -- not just to their affection.

: : : : Being "subject to" means to be under and "subjected to" means to have a burden placed upon one. To be "subject to" affection would mean that the child was the perhaps unwilling receipiant of the affection, whereas to be the "subject of" affection implies good faith towards the person.

: : : :
: : : : : 2. What is a
: : : : : "science distribution requirement"?

: : : : probably this is to do with the need to spread different knowledge and technology within a closed system, such as an economy.
: : : : : 3.(What does "gives substance to " mean?)
: : : : : the author gives substance to this passage using opinions and personal observations.

: : : : to "give substance to" is to show an example or to create an example in the tangible/real world.

: : : : : 4.(What part of speech is home in "first home"?)
: : : : : He is the first home of the walkathon in just 1 hour.

: : : : this is due to the omission of the word "person" and perhaps it should have been capitalised as a title ("First Home").

: : : : : Many thanks!

: : : : You're welcome

: : : Lewis, are you still asleep? I'm going to pass on the first three; and I have to pass for now on #4 as well, because I've mislaid my Jespersen. But drink some coffee, and look at that last one again. After all, we're not TRYING to mislead our ESL guests.

: : Please forgive any confusion in my posting -
: : My answer to 4. is actually the right answer to a different question - "home" should be a noun - to be "first home" with a particular time is to be the winner of the race and have a race-time of one hour in the quotation. It implies that the race was an extended circuit, so that it started and finished at the same place.

: : I'm not sure I had drunk my coffe when I posted the first lot above. It seems quite complex as a set of answers.

: Yes, 'home' is a noun, but as I recall, its place in this sentence, carrying the burden of "walker to have arrived at", etc, can be more precisely defined. Damn, where did I put that Jespersen?

Is that a brand of coffee?


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