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'even the business it had'

Posted by GPP on August 30, 2003

In Reply to: Lost volume to posted by ESC on August 27, 2003

: : Private letter-carrying and express businesses developed. Although their activities were only semilegal, they thrived, and actually advertised that between Boston and Philadelphia they were a half-day speedier than the government mail. The government postal service lost volume to private competition and was not able to handle efficiently even the business it had.

: : How to explain volume in "lost volume to"?
: : BTW, I'm confused by the author saying, "even the business it had." Any help?

: Existing customers/business was lost to the private companies. The government had fewer pieces of mail to move. But it had trouble even handling its reduced business.

"even the business it had": even the business it [still] had [remaining to it].