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Crap shoot

Posted by Bob on August 26, 2003

In Reply to: Crap shoot posted by EAH on August 26, 2003

: : Anyone know what "crap shoot" means? Since I don't know how to shoot craps does that mean the same as "luck of the draw" or "pays yer money and takes yer chances"?. What are they shooting for antway? I saw it used in a publication where its use surprised me.

: Check out index.htm for a decent explanation of this dice game, origin of the name and explanation of terms. A shooter is the person rolling the dice. Ideally the dice should bounce off the far side of the gaming table. When I tried the game at a charity event, using fake dollars, my aim was a bit off. Mine flew OVER the side. I was much better with cards, especially blackjack.

"It's a crap shoot" is said, usually with a sense of mild scorn (if it's somebody else) or resignation (if it's yourself) about the chances of success of a given activity or venture. It says the end result is out of one's hands, that it's left up to chance, and that the odds are probably slightly against you.

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