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Posted by ESC on August 05, 2003

METROSEXUAL - "You may not find it in Webster's just yet, but 'metrosexual' is becoming the new buzzword for the Sex and the City generation, a way to describe that niche of straight men in the big city who care - a lot - about personal grooming and fashion. They even show their feminine side in terms of their activities and sensibilities. Daniel Peres, the editor of Details magazine, easily ticks off the key attributes of a metrosexual. 'He is straight. An urban male,' Peres said. 'Strong, stylish, interested in fashion, design, architecture and personal style.'" From 'The New Masculinity? Manly Men, Move Over: Metrosexuals Are It," ABC News online at [Dead link removed - ed] Accessed August 5, 2003.

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