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Can anybody translate some this high-brow proverbs for me

Posted by Max on August 07, 2003

1. It is fruitless to become lachrymose because of scattered lacteal fluid.

2. A rotating lithospherical fragment never accrues lichen.

3. It is not proper for mendicants to be indicators of preferences.

4. A strong feeling of affection can cause the universe to rotate on its

5. Folks deficient in ordinary judgment scurringly enter areas of which
celestial beings dread to set foot

6. Refrain from detonating the missile until the opaque colorless parts of
the visual organs are in evidence.

7. Pulchritude does not extend below the surface if the derma.

8. A feathered creature clasped in the manual members is equal value to a
brace in the bosky warmth.

9. A beholden vessel never exceeds 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Everything is legitimate in matters pertaining to ardent affection and
armed conflict between nations.

11. One should refrain calculating the valuation of his gallinaceous fowl
prior to the anticipated time of their incubation.

12. One pyrenus malus per diem restrains the arrival of the Hippocratic

13. Precipitance creates prodigality.

14. One may address a member of the equidal family toward aqueous liquid,
but one is incapable of compelling him to quaff.

15. You cannot estimate the value of the contents of a bound printed
narrative or record from its exterior vesture.

16. Supposing one primarily fails to be victorious, bend further efforts in
that direction.

17. Tenants of vitreous abode ought not to hurl lithospherical fragments.

18. Two intellectual craniums engulfing the sensory organs are more suitable
than an individual cranium.

19. Exercise your visual faculties prior to executing a jump.

20. Consolidated, you and I remain ourselves erect, separated, we defer to
the law of gravity.