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Sorry for my typo

Posted by Masakim on August 05, 2003

In Reply to: Jacob's join posted by masakim on August 05, 2003

: There's only so much of a reheated lentil concoction you can take before you need real food. Which is why I was glad when Thursday evening rolled around and I could go round to my friend Matthew's house to eat a decent home-cooked meal.
: My friend Vicky had told me about this thing called Jacob's Join, where each person turns up at a friend's house with a different course. This was tricky with £3 left but I decided it would be a nice gesture and managed to arrive with a very cheap and nasty looking apple pie.
: --Lisa Bachelor, "Surviving on a student budget," _The Guardian_, October 4, 200s

"October 4, 200s" reads "October 4, 2002."