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Search facility acting up

Posted by GPP on August 22, 2003

In Reply to: Dead in the water posted by GPP on August 22, 2003

: For some reason my Search facility is acting up, but so far as I'm able to tell, there's never been a discussion here of the phrase 'dead in the water'. Surely I'm not imagining that this is a cliche; am I misremembering some important word here? Anyway, I was looking for whatever background anyone might have.

By 'acting up', I mean that Search says it's returning 52 matches; but in only my 2nd of three attempts did any links appear (and all of those were single-starred). In both my 1st and 3rd tries the top portion of the screen is the same, but beneath the 'Refine search' entry box and 'Search' button, my screen is blank gray. Could this be a cookie problem? If so, why would it have worked the 2nd time of three consecutive tries?

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