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Posted by Henry on August 22, 2003

In Reply to: Today's Phrases. posted by kathaab afandi on August 22, 2003

:'s list...thank you very much.

: 1.I am really out of my league here
Everyone knows more than me. From sport.
: 2.someone seems to be a bit off.
I don't know. Perhaps a little unreasonable. Perhaps a bit off the mark - see below.
: 3.She is in over her head
Deeply involved, and unable to escape? From someone drowning.
: 4.who wears the pants in your house?
Who is in charge?
: 5.shrugged off his worries
Left his worries behind, paid no attention to them
: 6.opinion is off the mark
Wide of the mark, inaccurate. From archery or shooting.